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Runyan, Rawhide. Rawhide Runyan was created by Charles M. Martin (Alamo Bowie, Gospel Cummings, Dapper Donnelly, Roaming Reynolds) and appeared in twenty stories in Wild West Weekly from 1938 to at least 1943, beginning with “Rawhide Runyan’s Roundup” (Wild West Weekly, Oct. 8, 1938).

Rawhide Runyan is a reformed outlaw who runs the Diamond Double R Ranch in Rainbow Valley, Arizona. He’s big, strong, and hot-tempered, and is described as 150 pounds of “whalebone and rawhide.” When accused of presuming too much, as he is not the law, Runyan responds, “That’s right, I’m not. But this old Colt in my hand is all the law I need.” He rides the black horse, Shadow.

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