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Rukh, Janos. Janos Rukh was created by Howard Higgin and appeared in the film The Invisible Ray (1936).

Janos Rukh is a Superhuman. He is a scientist who convinces several of his colleagues and supporters to accompany him on an expedition to Africa, to study an ancient meteorite. Rukh discovers that the meteorite is radioactive and exposes himself to it. One of the scientists on the trip, Dr. Benet, creates an antidote which saves Rukh from death by radiation poisoning, but Rukh is left with the ability to kill others simply by touching them. Rukh and Benet take the meteorite back to London, where Benet discovers how to use the meteorite’s radiation to cure blindness. But Rukh is driven into increasingly paranoid furies by the meteorite’s radiation, and he becomes convinced that the other members of the expedition are trying to take credit for his discovery. Rukh kills several of them before he is killed.

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