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Rudd, Rough-Diamond. Rough-Diamond Rudd was created by “Rupert Hall,” the pseudonym of Edward Reginald Home-Gall (Colwyn Dane, Don Sabre, Victor Gaunt, Hawkeye (I), Mad Carew, Jim Mason (II), Rod Mason, John Silent, Speed-Boat Trackers), and appeared in a number of stories in Triumph in 1931, beginning with “Rough-Diamond Rudd of the Fighting Fusiliers” (Triumph, Jan 17, 1931).

During World War One “Rough-Diamond” Rudd is the most hopeless recruit in A Company of the Westshire Fusiliers. He can’t salute properly, his uniform is a mess, and he can’t drill “for toffee.” But when shot and shell fly fast, Rudd is a deadly fighter, as the Germans quickly learn.

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