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Rolf, Jens. Jens Rolf was created by the German author Karl Müller-Malberg and appeared in Jens Rolfs Mystisch Abenteuerliche Erlebnisse #1-10 (1922-1923).

Jens Rolf is a Superhuman Occult Detective who was modeled on Sâr Dubnotal. Rolf, a German private detective, was taught mystical powers by Indian fakirs and uses them in various global settings against evil men and powers. He fights a man possessed by the soul of a tiger, a vampire, the Lupin Jimmy Brook, the Mad Scientist Doctor Mors, living marionettes, and modern robber barons.

Rolf appears in stories with titles like "The Sleeping Beauty," “House Stormbird,” and “The Robber Barons of Today.”

* I'm including Jens Rolfs Mystisch Abenteuerliche Erlebnisse in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because it's imaginative content. Admittedly, Occult Detective stories usually have better-than-average enemies for the O.D. to fight, but Karl Müller-Malberg wisely did not rely on the standard Occult Detective tropes of ghosts and haunted houses and werewolves. He went the ideasplosion route, resulting in Lupins and Mad Scientists and creepy marionettes appeared in Jens Rolfs--a sound authorial decision which resulted in Jens Rolfs being, even more so than the Sar Dubnotal stories, the sort of heftroman in which every issue brought something new, cool, and awesome for the reader's delectation. 

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