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Rokambul. Rokambul was created by the Malaysian author Sayyid Shaykh al-Hadi and appeared in dozens of stories and seven short story collections from 1928 to 1941, beginning with “Rokambul di-Paris” (Al-Ikhwan, July 1928).

Rokambul is a pastiche of Pierre Alexis Ponson du Terrail’s anti-hero Rocambole. However, the Rokambul stories were not merely unauthorized lifts from Terrail stories, but were extensions of the character concept, with Sayyid Shaykh writing a number of Rocambole-like adventures for Rokambul, but set in the 1920s rather than the mid-19th century. Like Rocambole, Rokambul is an intrepid, capable criminal turned adventurer and detective.

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