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Rodewald, Rolf. Rolf Rodewald was created by the German author Dr. Adrian Mohr (Hannibal Blunt) and appeared in Rolf Rodewalds Reise um den Erdball #1-50 (1908-1909).

Rolf Rodewald is a German adventurer and explorer who travels around the world, doing good. As a young man he grew up near a former General under Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico. The General was falsely accused of treason and had to flee Mexico, leaving behind a fortune and a faithful servant who was imprisoned protecting the General. The General is now too old to retrieve the fortune or save his servant, so he hires Rodewald to do so.

This leads Rodewald into adventures across the Americas; he fights against the Native peoples on the western frontier of the United States, he goes to to Hawaii, the Amazon, Peru (to fight the last of the Incas), New Guinea, Tibet, and North Africa (where he is unwillingly impressed into the French Foreign Legion and becomes a Legionnaire). Rodewald helps revolutionaries in Mexico, fights cannon-wielding Apache, finds Lost Race Maya in the jungles of the Yucatan, finds a Lost Race Inca city, fights headhunters in the jungles of New Guinea, gets caught and caged by Sea Dyaks, gets impressed into the French Foreign Legion, fights Chinese pirates, fights a Superhuman Yellow Peril in China, and fights a band of Tibetan robbers.

Rodewald appears in stories with titles like “Terror in the Apache Canyon,” “In the Middle of the California Gold Rush,” and “In the Prison Colony.”

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