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Rodd, Aaron. Aaron Rodd was created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Peter Benskin, General Besserley, Stanley Brooke, Joseph P. Cray, John Dickens, Nicholas Goade, Malcolm Gossett, Peter Hames, B. JasenGerald Jennerton, Algernon Knox, Ambrose LavendaleJohn T. Laxworthy, Baroness Claire Linz, Joseph Londe, Mannister, Lucie Mott, Sanford Quest, Peter Ruff, Monsieur Sabin, Michael Sayers, Jasper Slane) and appeared in ten stories in Harper’s Bazaar in 1917 and 1918, beginning with “The Cunning of Harvey Grimm” (Harper’s Bazaar, Dec. 1917); the stories were collected in Aaron Rodd, Diviner (1920).

Aaron Rodd is a tall, gaunt, pale young man whose legal practice is a failure. He is about to give up when he is approached by his old friend, Ned Stiles, who is now going by the name Harvey Grimm. As Ned Stiles, lawyer, he was a failure and got into legal trouble. But as Harvey Grimm, capitalist, he is a success. Grimm hires Rodd to be a part of a complicated swindling operation, but Rodd eventually separates himself from Grimm and finds love and success.

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