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Rockheart. Rockheart was created by “Kapitän William Käbler,” the pseudonym of the German author Walther Kabel (Olaf K. Abelsen, Harald Harst, Nic Pratt, Three Vigilantes, Fred Walker (I)), and appeared in Felsenherz der Trapper #1-34 (1922-1923).

Rockheart is a trapper active on the American western frontier and in Mexico in the 1870s and 1880s. He finds the treasure of the Aztecs, Montezuma’s mummy, and the mummy of a Lost Race white native Mexican. He also fights the deadly medicine man Omakati and a native tribe led by a former slave. Some stories are openly fantastic, such as “The Headless Horseman.”

Rockheart appears in stories with titles like “The Highwayman of Colorado,” “The Besieged Hacienda,” and “The Red Pirate.”

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