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Roca, Adrian. Adrian Roca was created by the Norwegian author Øvre Richter Frich (Jonas Fjeld) and appeared in five books from 1929 to 1932, beginning with Men Rocambole var Ikke Død.

Adrian Roca is a crime-fighting vigilante modeled on Jonas Fjeld and Ponson du Terrail’s rogue Rocambole. Roca was originally Allan Landor, the son of a Colonel in the Norwegian army. At age fourteen Landor is a bad boy, running with hooligans in Oslo, and his father decides to send Landor to a home for troubled boys. Before that can take place Landor runs away from home. He ends up in the United States and becomes a member of an international criminal organization. He is renamed “Adrian Roca” and is groomed by the organization to become an übermensch, including being sent to college. But once Roca is an adult he realizes that modern society is sick and needs rescuing from the forces that plague it more than his criminal organization needs him to steal from society. Only among his fellow criminals can Roca find friendship, honesty, solidarity and honor.

Everywhere else are sub-humans (including Jews and “Negroes”), corrupt politicians, stupid police, Socialists, Communists, and greedy, materialistic Capitalists. Worst and most wicked of all are the men of the F.B.I., who are Roca’s enemies. Roca’s archenemy is Eddie Fowler, a gorgeous and evil F.B.I. agent whose face is disfigured when one of Roca’s companions shoots her. After that she wears a porcelain mask and pursues Roca relentlessly. She organizes a revolution in Chicago consisting of the city’s criminals, anarchists, and Communists. She eventually becomes a Soviet agent in India and is behind a native uprising (aided by Communists, Thugs, and terrorists), but a fire of her own creation kills her. Roca has some advanced technology, though not to the degree of Jonas Fjeld. However, he does have the advanced airplane the Flying Trunk.

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