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Robusto, Friar. Friar Robusto was created by Harry F. Olmsted (Blant Cutting, Don Muerte, Hoss Greer) and appeared in twenty-three stories in Dime Western Magazine from 1940 to 1946, beginning with “Friar of the Twisted Trails” (Dime Western Magazine, Nov. 1940).

Friar Robusto works in northern Mexico and the American Southwest as wandering healer of souls. He is known “not as a solemn unbending mendicant, but rather as a human, fun-loving fellow who was interested in nothing quite so much as in solving their problems, offering sympathy in their sorrows, and appreciation in their joys." But he will not turn the other cheek, ever, and is a “famous frontier mix of saint and devil” and a “frontier saint and sixgun sinner,” a shootist who pursues and captures or kills outlaws and murderers. Robusto is very good with a gun and is a master of disguise, which is necessary, as there is a blood-money reward out for his head.

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