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Robur. Robur was created by the French author Jules Verne and appeared in Robur le Conquerant (1886) and Maître du Monde (1904).

Robur is a mysterious aviator who decides to solve the contentious issue of lighter-than-air versus heavier-than-air flight by kidnaping the president of an institute of lighter-than-air enthusiasts, along with the president’s secretary and the secretary’s servant. Robur takes the three on a trip around the world. The three manage to plant a bomb on Robur’s ship, the Albatross, and escape. When the three return to America and launch their new dirigible, the Albatross appears, rams it, and Robur then issues his farewell. In the sequel, Robur, calling himself “The Master of the World,” begins scaring the world from his new airship, The Terror, before he dares too much, flies into a storm, and is destroyed with The Terror.

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