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Rob the Rover. Rob the Rover was created by Walter Booth and appeared in the comic strip “Rob the Rover” (1920-1940); a sequel, “Willy på Eventyr,” appeared in Danish magazines from 1941 to 1947 and 1956 to 1977.

Rob the Rover is a foundling. He was discovered floating in the ocean by Dan, an elderly fisherman. Dan nurses Rob back to health and becomes his friend. Rob remembers nothing about his past, and he begins searching for his parents and personal history. He visits, variously, a desert island, the North Pole, the jungle, the Valley of the Kings, India, South America, and the American West. In later stories he befriends Professor Seymour, who travels with him in Seymour's flying submarine, the Flying Fish. Their adventures tend to be more fantastic and involve things like Lost Races. Rob's girlfriend is Seymour's daughter, Jane.

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