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Rin-Tin-Tin (II). “Rin-Tin-Tin” was the name of a series of German Shepherd actors who were film stars in the 1920s and 1930s. In Spain, he appeared in the Celebrity Pulp Aventuras de Rin-Tin-Tin. El Perro Justiciero #1-16 (1930), written by the Spanish author “Hugo Reyd” (Barbarroja, Buccaneers (II), Cabriola, Courier, the Dagger, Fermin de Castro, Five Invincibles, FlorianJack & Dolly, Millionaire Adventurer, Montbars (III), Bill Navarro, Raul (I), Rob Roy, Sanson, Santana, Sinmiedo, Tit, Titan (I), Jack Wills).

Rin-Tin-Tin (II) is as heroic as the film version but is even more intelligent.

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