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Ricks, Cappy. Cappy Ricks was created by Peter B. Kyne (McTaggart, Tiberius Tinker) and appeared in seventeen stories and four novels from 1915 to 1935, beginning with “By Dead Reckoning” (The Saturday Evening Post, Apr. 10, 1915).

Alden P. “Cappy” Ricks is the Scottish sea captain and head of the Blue Star Navigation Company. He is crusty, cranky, set in his ways, and devoted to his older sailors and captains. He prefers graybeards and gives the younger men in his employ a hard time, but eventually he plays fair and rewards even the new employees as long as they prove themselves. Ricks loves money and will do what he can to turn a profit while eluding port taxes and the like. As part of his quest for greater wealth Ricks eventually operates other ventures, including the Dollar Steamship Line and Ricks Lumber and Logging.

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