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Ricimero. Ricimero appeared in the Italian dime novel Ricimero. Il Re Della Truffa #1-32 (1922).

Ricimero is a Lupin modeled on Lord Lister. Unlike Lister, Ricimero has a foe worthy of him: Romualdo Morro, the “celebrated Italian policeman,” who is capable, intelligent, and honest. The pair have an ungrudging respect and even admiration and affection for each other, although that never stops Morro from trying to catch Ricimero or the latter from putting one over on the former. Ricimero is in reality the Baron of Serradifalco.

In the final issue of Ricimero Ricimero saves the life of the lovely Contessina Jolanda di Valguarnera, and her love reforms him, and he leaves behind the life of crime. Before that happens, however, Ricimero has stolen millions from the Banca di Francia, the Credito Lionese, and the Bank of England, as well as destroyed the plans for an advanced cannon which the English were on the verge of putting into production.

Ricimero appears in stories with titles like “The Mysterious Castle,” “The Parole of the Buddha,” and “The Fantastic Race.”

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