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Richard, Commissioner. Commissioner Richard was created by the Italian author Ezio d’Errico and appeared in twenty-one novels, from 1936 to 1947, beginning with Qualcuno Ha Bussato Alla Porta.

Commissioner Emilio Richard is a policeman with the Second Mobile Company of the Surêté in Paris. He is an older man who has an office on the Quay des Orfévres. Richard is almost bald, with a prominent forehead, wide face, two small, grey eyes, and the body of a “small elephant.” He is happily married to Genoveffa, who provides sound advice and moral support. Richard’s particular ability is an almost superhuman sense of smell. D’Errico was heavily influenced by Georges Simenon, and Commissioner Richard shows signs of being modeled on Simenon’s Jules Maigret, being more interested in motivation and psychology than in deduction and evidence.

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