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Richard, White & Brown. Richard, White & Brown were created by the Mexican creators Ramón Valdiosera (Bill, The Magician (II), Relámpago Kid) and Antonio Gutiérrez (Alex King, Robert Young) and appeared in the comic strip “El Rajah y los Misterios de la India” (Pepin, May 26, 1938-Jan 5, 1939).

Richard, White and Brown are a trio of Englishmen who want to conquer the summit of Mt. Everest, so they design the X-33, a submersible aircraft, and take it to Nepal. Richard is an adventurer, physician, and botanist, White is an accomplished pilot, and Brown is a skilled chemist, so between them they think they are ready to beat Everest. But once they land in Nepal they meet the mysterious Rajah of Nepal [sic] and are drawn into a number of adventures.

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