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Richard. Richard was created by the German author Robert Kraft (Atalanta, Frank Carter, Detective Nobody, Gentleman of the Air, Count Leo V. Hagen, Loke Klingsor, Mister Nobody (I)) and appeared in Aus dem Reiche der Phantasie #1-10 (1901); after the cancellation of Aus dem Reiche der Phantasie Kraft took the series themes and incorporated them into his apocalyptic/utopian novel Der Neue Erde (1910).

Aus dem Reiche der Phantasie is generally considered the first German science fiction series. Richard is a paraplegic who on the evening of his fourteenth birthday is visited by a fairy. The fairy names herself “Einbildungskraft” (imagination) and tells him that for the next ten nights he will dream that he can walk, and in his dreams he will visit new wonders. These wonders include the last living caveman, the Atlantis of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, “the country of the living dead,” an island of invisible immortals, and the North Pole.

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