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Rhymer, Arnold. Arnold Rhymer was created by "Uel Key," the pseudonym of Samuel Whittell Key, and appeared a number of stories in Pearson’s Magazine, a short story collection, and a novel from 1917 to 1921.

Arnold Rhymer is an Occult Detective. Professor Arnold Rhymer, M.D., is a “young and distinguished savant in psychical phenomena,” and is a lecturer who works closely with Scotland Yard on cases that are unusual or exotic. Rhymer is tall, lean and agile, although he is not superhumanly strong. Nor does he have psychic abilities or occult powers–if his opponent will not be brought down with cold steel or hot lead, as (for example) a vampire he confronts will not, Rhymer is in trouble. But he is sly and persistent, and what he lacks in extraordinary physicality he makes up for in erudition and cunning. He is widely-traveled and familiar with many things, like a Gurkha’s kukri knife, that ordinary doctors are not.

Rhymer also relies, Sherlock Holmes-like, on logic: "guessing is always destructive to logic. Far better observe small facts upon which large impressions may depend." He is also intensely patriotic, to the point of automatically distrusting anyone with a German name: "If I had my way, all Boche-born individuals residing in this country--notwithstanding their naturalization--should be interned. Boches will be Boches, and a mere scrap of paper, identifying them as naturalized British subjects, won't wipe out the inherited taint of Kultur."

Speaking of Holmes, there is also this exchange, between Rhymer and a policeman assisting him on a case:

"And may I give you a golden rule which I was taught by a famous detective?" He paused for a reply.

"Get on with it, then."

"Well, when you have worn out the possible, whatever is left, however impossible, comes mighty near the truth."

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