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Revell, Marie. Marie Revell appeared in the radio serial Nemesis, Inc. (1933).

Marie Revell is “Chicago’s greatest private detective,” but only the junior partner in the firm of Nemesis, Incorporated. The senior partner in the firm is “Nemesis,” a voice who speaks to Revell through a filter microphone. Nemesis’ identity is unclear, but it may be Revell’s dead father. Revell has a superior and abrupt attitude and is disdainful to everyone, including clients.

* I'm including Nemesis, Inc. in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because it is fun to listen to and is well-written. Never particularly popular, and lasting for only one season, Nemesis, Inc. was nonetheless a gem of radio detection. The dialogue and narration is well done; the plots appropriately twisty; Revell is well-characterized; and the listener usually gets a pleasing frisson whenever Nemesis speaks to Revell. The ambiguity around Nemesis' identity, and the possibility that he's actually Revell's dead father, are delightful additions to an already strong series. 

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