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Revel, Michael. Michael Revel was created by Norman Berrow (Inspector Courtenay) and appeared in four novels from 1939 to 1948, beginning with Fingers for Ransom.

Michael Revel is an ordinary English citizen who is, in his own words, a “shaker-up of stagnant detectives.” He (and to a lesser extent his wife Fleur) is a kind of mascot (or “oracle” or “pest,” depending on the mood of Revel’s Lestrade, Detective-Inspector Walsh) for the local police. Revel “seems to revolve and thrive in an atmosphere of mystery and crime–a storm centre and a crime conductor,” and enjoys giving sage advice to police who are working on difficult cases. “Perhaps in temperament he is a little more sanguine than the majority of us, in inquisitiveness a little more pronounced, in conversation more garrulous and in argument positively vociferous.”

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