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Redeski, Wanda. Wanda Redeski was created by “Jean D’Esme,” the pseudonym of the the French author Vicomte Jean D’Esmenard, and appeared in Les Dieux Rouges (1923).

Wanda Redeski is the sister of the commandant of a post in the mountains of northern Annam. She goes to visit her brother in the company of the new colonial administrator, Pierre de Lursac, but when she arrives at the post she is told that her brother is missing. The region is a troubled and wild one, filled with hostile guerrillas and a cult of female magicians, and Lursac faces a number of obstacles in assembling a rescue expedition. Redeski visits Jieng, the leader of the female magicians, and accompanies them on their trip to their temple in the mountains.

Lursac and the others encounter mammoths, among other strange beasts, as they travel into the mountains, and then meet a Lost Race of Cro-Magnons, the “Red Gods.” Lursac et al. are captured by Jieng and her eunuch soldiers and sentenced to death, but Wanda offers to let the leader of the Cro-Magnons have her if Lursac and the other Frenchmen are freed. The Cro-Magnons attack and free Lursac, and he and the others make it back to Saigon, but months later he receives a package which contains Wanda’s hand, signifying that she has been vivisected by Jieng.

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