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Red Butterfly. Red Butterfly was created by the Chinese creator Hung Zhonghao (Jiangnan Swordswoman, Lady in Red, Zhan Mubai) and appeared in the film Nüxia Hong Hudie (1939).

Red Butterfly is a Nüxia/Wüxia. In the ordinary course of Doing Good she rescues a kidnap victim. The victim, the son of a rich man, has been kidnaped by Koi Tin Hung, the Red Butterfly’s own brother, and is in danger of being seduced by Koi’s wife when Red Butterfly appears and takes him away. He is so grateful to Red Butterfly that he marries her, but on the wedding night Koi attacks and kills the other wife of Butterfly’s husband and frames Red Butterfly for the murder. She eventually clears her name and leads a group of soldiers on an attack on Koi. She eventually kills him.

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