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Red Wolf of Arabia. The Red Wolf of Arabia was created by William J. Makin (Inspector Evans, Four Brains, Isaac Heron, Jonathan Lowe) and appeared in thirty-one stories in Pearson’s Magazine and The Blue Book Magazine from 1932 to 1944, beginning with “A King Goes By” (Pearson’s Magazine, Nov. 1932).

Paul Rodgers is the “roving Intelligence officer known to the natives as the Red Wolf of Arabia.” Known to the natives as the “Red Head of the Red Sea,” and thought by them to be only a bandit, Rodgers solves crimes across the Middle East. He also fights enemy spies and native uprisings, including one led by the Mahdi-like Veiled One, and even finds the mines of Ophir. Rodgers is brilliant at disguise and can lose himself in a role. He is patriotic and dislikes evil, but his true passion in life is music.

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