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Red Mask (I). The Red Mask (I) was created by the French author Gaston René and appeared in Le Secret du Masque Rouge #1-38 (1912); the series was reprinted in Germany as Das Geheinmis der Roten Maske (1912).

Victor Chevillard is “the Red Mask,” “the king of criminals.” He is opposed by the detective "Mr Barthélémy," who is also known as "Oeil-de-Chat," “Cat’s Eye.” During their duel Red Mask seems to kill Barthélémy’s daughter Henriette and drives Barthélémy’s other daughter, Marguerite, insane, and the reader is led to believe that Red Mask is the adult son who Barthélémy abandoned to the Romany (Gypsies) as an infant decades before. Eventually it is revealed that Henriette and Marguerite are healthy and sane, and after Barthélémy kills Red Masque Barthélémy discovers that his real son died years before.

Red Mask (I) appears in stories with titles like “The Living Dead,” “The Escape of Red Mask,” and “The House of Mystery.”

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