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Red Falcon. The Red Falcon was created by Robert J. Hogan (Captain Combat, Greaseball Joe, G-8, Secret Six, Smoke Wade, Wu Fang (III)) and appeared in thirty-four stories in Dare-Devil Aces and G-8 and His Battle Aces from 1933 to 1943, beginning with “The Red Falcon” (Dare-Devil Aces, Jan. 1933).

The Red Falcon is a Wanted Man. Barry Rand is the Red Falcon, an air ace during World War One. Rand is known to the French as “L'Faucon Rouge" and to the Germans as "Verdammt Der Rot Falke." To the Americans he is an outcast, having been framed by a crooked Army officer and sentenced to death by firing squad. (He escaped but is still wanted by the Americans). As the Red Falcon Rand fights for the Allies, operating from a hidden base in the Vosges mountains. He is assisted by his friend, the enormous Senegalese (and racist stereotype) Sika. Rand’s blood-red airplane is put together from the remnants of other, crashed planes, from Spads to Fokkers, and has a variety of guns mounted on it.

Rand teams up with G-8 on at least one occasion.

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