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Raynor, Prince. Prince Raynor was created by Henry Kuttner (The Baldies, Yusef ben Yakoud, Elak, Gallegher, Hogbens, Michael Leigh, Pete Manx, Tony Quade, Doctor Thorkel, Thunder Jim Wade) and appeared in “Cursed Be The City” (Strange Stories, Apr. 1939) and “The Citadel of Darkness” (Strange Stories, Aug. 1939).

Millennia ago, in the Gobi Desert, the birthplace of human civilization, a young warrior, Prince Raynor, fights for his city, Sardopolis. After it is destroyed he becomes a wandering adventurer. Raynor is a capable fighter and is assisted by the Nubian warrior Eblik and Delphia, a very capable swordswoman.

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