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Ravenswood, Richard. Richard Ravenswood was created by “Scott Campbell,” the pseudonym of Frederick W. Davis (Felix Boyd, Barton Edgeworth, Sidney Garth, Jack Lightfoot), and appeared in nineteen stories in Detective Story Magazine from 1915 to 1917, beginning with “A String of Beads” (Detective Story Magazine, Nov. 20, 1915).

Richard Ravenswood is a handsome, ranking member of New York City Society. By night he is the leader of the notorious Red Ravens gang, assisted by his loyal and trustworthy valet, Kenneth Nolan, a.k.a. "Paddy," the Chief Lieutenant of the Red Ravens. Ravenswood initially commits a series of crimes that draw the attention of Detective Joe Glidden. Glidden is a large, tough, and strong policeman who is nearly Ravenswood's equal. Glidden eventually captures the Ravens following a desperate shootout, with only Ravenswood breaking through the police ring. The wounded Ravenswood jumps in a balloon and is blown out to sea, seemingly to his death.

The Ravens are sent to Sing Sing, and two years pass. The Ravens break out of Sing Sing and kidnap a wealthy English lord fresh off the boat in New York City. The lord turns out to be Ravenswood, who has returned to the States from England to spring the Ravens. Off they go on another crime wave, which again ends with the gang being arrested and Ravenswood and Paddy escaping. Ravenswood saves Glidden’s life, putting the policeman in his debt. Ravenswood falls in love with the beautiful young widow Mrs. Stella Morton and leaves his life of crime to be with her, though not before confessing to a murder which his brother-in-law has apparently committed. (Paddy catches the real murderer and forces him to sign a confession).

Ravenswood won't murder (except in self-defense) but is not above breaking and entering, theft, gassing, kidnap, and any other crimes that will net him and the Ravens the loot. Ravenswood is tall and handsome, clean-cut and well-dressed. He is muscular and athletic, but is also sentimental and returns a valuable necklace to its rightful owner because it was a gift from her "true, lost love."

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