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Raul (II). Raul (II) was created by the Mexican creator Rodolfo Kurczyn (Ghost Duke (II)) and appeared in the comic strip “El Hijo de la Muerte” (Pepín, June 2-Aug 18, 1938).

Raul (II) is a Superhuman Killer Vigilante. A man in a mask travels to a cemetery, intending to abandon a baby there. Before he can leave the baby on a grave, however, he meets a “masked phantom” and the Devil Himself. The man in the mask dies of terror, and the Devil adopts the baby and raises him, giving him a ring which grants the baby, Raul, superhuman abilities. “El Hijo de la Muerte” ended prematurely, and Raul’s true parentage and the explanation for the mysterious medallion he carries were never revealed.

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