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Ratt, Reo. Reo Ratt appeared in the German dime novel Reo Ratt - Im Kampf Gegen List und Gewalt #1-79 (1924-1925).

Reo Ratt is a German cowboy hero active around the world in the modern era, although his adventures on the American western frontier are a lot like the traditional Wild West. Ratt fights the SCIENCE! creations of a Mad Scientist on the western frontier, helps cowboys fight against ghosts of Indians, and fights against a band of former slaves turned bandits. Ratt also fights against Kaku, an ape trained to hold up stagecoaches. Ratt’s archenemy is the “Mysterious Four,” a group of old, hard, and wicked bandits.

Ratt appears in stories with titles like “The War on the Green Sea,” “The Gladiator Abdul Beguns,” and “The Death’s Head Seal.”

* I'm including Reo Ratt - Im Kampf Gegen List und Gewalt in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of the imaginative content in heftromanReo Ratt is not in the top tier of ideasplosion heftromane, to be sure, but it's solidly in the second tier thanks to the creative spins the authors made to traditional Western pulp stories. Bonus points for Kaku. 

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