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Rapax. Rapax was created by the Canadian author Chas. Plantagenet (Simon Legrand) and appeared in Rapax #1-55 (1945-1948) and Les Aventures Diaboliques de Rapax #1-23 (1948-1949).

Rapax is an Evil Surgeon modeled on Fantômas. Rapax is a wicked master criminal and hypnotist who is capable of any monstrosity in the pursuit of his goals. Rapax makes use of Femmes Fatale, a “female robot” which carries out his criminal whims, and even a stolen hydrogen bomb. He is pursued by policeman Léon Ponce, Ponce’s assistant Dick Barter, and Ponce’s girlfriend, reporter Solange Guérande.

Rapax appears in stories with titles like “A Woman Sawn in Half,” “The Manufacture of Skeletons,” and “The Mystery of the Severed Arm.”

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