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Rao, Chander. Chander Rao was created by Brinsley Moore and appeared in four stories in The Royal Magazine in 1909 and 1910, beginning with “The Theft of the Diamond Ring” (The Royal Magazine, Oct. 1909).

Chander Rao is a Superhuman. He is a Hindu and “failed B.A., Calcutta, 1889 and 1897” who relocates to London and advertises himself as providing “eastern magic, hypnotism, palmistry of the hand, crystal gazing, and all occult mysteries.” He is “tall and strikingly handsome in his picturesque Eastern dress, with lustrous, dark eyes that…seemed to read your innermost thoughts.” But when he approaches an English doctor for help in removing a penknife from his throat—“a slight defection in mechanical construction—the little blade lost itself at the inopportune moment”—Rao is immensely grateful, and becomes the doctor’s companion. However, the doctor in essence acts as the Watson to Rao’s Holmes, as Rao solves various crimes. Rao is mostly a humbug, although he does have some mesmeric power, but he has a great depth of knowledge of human nature, and that and an innate cleverness are what he uses to solve various crimes.

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