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Rand, Miller. Miller Rand was created by Neil R. Jones (Nez Hulan, Professor Jameson, Durna Rangue) and appeared in “The Electrical Man” (Scientific Detective Monthly, May 1930) and “Shadows of the Night” (Scientific Detective Monthly, Oct. 1930).

Miller Rand is the “Electrical Man,” a criminologist and inventor. Rand feels that the law too often impedes justice, and has no compunctions about tapping phones, planting microphones, and the like. Rand creates a series of gadgets to help him in his war on crime (which includes Yellow Peril Chinese). He carries a cattle prod-like wand, connected to batteries he wears beneath his coat, whose shock knocks criminals out. He electrifies his clothes, so that only touching them will stun a person. And he invents a bulletproof suit.

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