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Rand, John. John Rand was created by Duke Worne and appeared in the movie serial The Screaming Shadow (1920).

John Rand is an American adventurer and sportsman who is traveling in Africa when he witnesses a tribal ritual, involving monkey glands, that seems to cause greatly extended longevity in humans. Rand returns to America and begins experimenting on himself, with some success. Unfortunately, Baron Velska of Burgonia has also heard of this method, and has also begun experiments using it. But Velska is a Mad Scientist and uses humans as his test subjects, and Rand, not willing to let this stand, goes to Burgonia with his love interest, the wealthy reporter Mary Landers, and fights his way through to exposing Velska’s evil operations. Along the way Rand overcomes J.W. Russell, the aged, millionaire backer of Velska’s project, and Nadia, the “high priestess of the virgins of eternal youth.”

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