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Ralph 124C41+. Ralph 124C41+ was created by Hugo Gernsback (Baron Munchausen (I)) and appeared in “Ralph 124C41+” (Modern Electrics, Apr 1911-Mar 1912); the serial was published as Ralph 124C41+ (1923).

In the 27th century the inventor Ralph 124C41+ is one of only ten men so brilliant that they can add the + after their last name. By chance he meets Alice 212B423, a young Swiss girl, and saves her from an avalanche. He falls in love with her, but when she visits him in New York City, two unpleasant men meet her: Llysanorh’, a Martian, and Fernand, a human who first tries to rape her and then kidnaps her and takes her into space on his spaceship. Ralph flies after them, but when he gets to Fernand’s ship he discovers that Llysanorh’ had stolen Alice from the ship and then headed into the asteroid field. Ralph pursues them and kills Llysanorh’. Alice’s death in the battle doesn’t faze Ralph, and he takes her back to New York and brings her back to life.

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