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Raine, Navajo Tom. Navajo Tom Raine was created by “Jackson Cole,” a Standard Magazines house name which in this case was used by Lee Bond (Calamity Boggs, Long Sam Littlejohn, Oklahoma Kid), and appeared in forty-nine stories in Exciting Western from 1941 to 1951, beginning with “The Arizona Ranger” (Exciting Western, Winter 1941).

Tom Raine is a Texas Ranger. He was orphaned at age 12 during the Tonto Basin War when his father, Marshall Powder Raine, was murdered. A band of friendly Diné (Navajo) found Tom Raine and raised him to manhood. He then joined the Texas Rangers to hunt down criminals, but he always works alone, although he sometimes works with Steve Reese of the Range Riders and, at least once, with the Masked Rider (II). Raine is tall, lean, sinewy, and dark-skinned, with hawkish features and heavy black hair, and is often mistaken for a Navajo. He can “talk like an Indian, reason like a lawyer, deal out justice like a judge, and had a mountain lion’s courage.” He rides a blue roan gelding, Wampum, and wields silver-handled six-guns given to him by his Navajo blood brothers.

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