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Radoub, Jacques. Jacques Radoub was created by H. De Vere Stacpoole (Mynheer Amayat, Captain Blood (II), Lavenne, Dick Lestrange, Man in Grey (I), Sigurdson, Captain Slocum) and appeared in “Stories of the Legion” (The Popular Magazine, Apr. 20-July 21, 1916); the series was collected in Corporal Jacques of the Foreign Legion (1916).

Jacques Radoub is a Legionnaire. He is number 7,083 in the Legion:

Jacques Radoub, known always and everywhere as Jacques, tout court, was a small and wiry-looking individual with the face of a gamin, that is to say, the face of a child who is a jester, who may be a cut-throat, and who is certainly and above all things a Parisian.

Jacques had, in fact, been an Apache by profession, and Monsieur Lepine had given him the choice between a penitentiary and the Legion. He chose the Legion, because, as he said, he liked the name better.

Radoub is active with the Legion in the great city of Sidi-bel-Abbès in Algeria. He is bloodthirsty in battle, but otherwise is lighthearted and uncaring of the future. He has one soft spot, however, and that is for his comrades, even Choc, a street dog and Radoub’s constant companion. When the order comes down to shoot Choc for biting a sentry, Radoub escapes from the Legion and flees to Oran rather than see harm come to Choc. (Choc escapes, and years later, by chance, Radoub encounters Choc’s son).

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