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Radio Man. The Radio Man was created by “Ralph Milne Farley,” the pseudonym of Roger Sherman Hoar (Blackstone Kent, Don Warren), and appeared in twenty-three stories in Argosy-All-Story, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Fantastic Novels, and Spaceway Science Fiction from 1924 to 1969, beginning with “The Radio Man” (Argosy All-Story Weekly, June 28, 1924).

The Radio Man is a Planetary Romance Hero. Miles Cabot is “the Radio Man,” a stalwart inventor and adventurer. Cabot creates three-dimensional television and matter transmission using radio waves, but during an experiment is accidentally drawn to Venus. Venus is a jungle planet with air breathable by humans, but the planet is dominated by the Formians, an intelligent race of giant ants. Centuries earlier the Formians had successfully warred on the Cupians, a race of antennaed humanoids, and shut them up behind a large wall in a ghetto. Cabot meets and falls in love with a Cupian Princess, but is then betrayed to the Formians by a corrupt Cupian Prince.

Cabot eventually leads a revolt against the Formians after having built advanced weaponry and armed the Cupians. The Cupians win and the Formians are placed in the ghetto. In later stories the Formians rebel and Cabot and the Cupians defeat the rebellion. Cabot discovers a new continent, filled with a new, intelligent species of animals, the Whoomangs. The Whoomangs attempt to invade Earth via Cabot’s radio transmitters, but Cabot and Blackstone Kent team up to defeat the invasion.

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