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Radio Boys (II). The Radio Boys (II) were created by Gerald Breckenridge and appeared in the ten-book “Radio Boys” series, beginning with The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border (1922) and concluding with The Radio Boys with the Air Patrol (1931).

Frank Mennick, Bob Temple and Jack Hampton are adventurous, crime-fighting teenagers who carry a wireless radio set with them at all times and use it to fight crime. The trio improve on the radio, creating things like the Synchronizer, which can transmit “a whole moving picture film which would unroll before the eyes of an audience any number of miles away as fast as it was 'shot' by the camera-and to send it, not by telegraph, but by radio.” The trio also fight bandits on the Mexican border, work for the Secret Service tracking down counterfeiters, go looking for lost Incan treasure in the Andes, help rescue a lost Alaskan expedition, tramp through the jungles of the Congo, look for and find Lost Race Atlantis, act as mercenaries in Central America, and work with America's "Air Patrol."

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