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Race, Christopher. Christopher Race was created by C.N. and A.M. Williamson and appeared in twelve stories in The Strand in 1906 and 1907, beginning with “The Adventure of The Car and His Majesty” (The Strand, Dec 1906); the stories were collected in The Scarlet Runner (1908) and filmed in 1916.

Christopher Race is the child of an upper-class family who is in love with driving and automobiles, most especially his built-to-order touring roadster, The Scarlet Runner. His uncle, who controls Race’s inheritance, doubts that Race can do anything with his car or make any money from it and gives Race a year in which to prove himself and his devotion to driving. So Race hires himself out as a companion and driver to those of the right class, and in so doing finds adventure and love on the roadways of England, among commoners and royalty. He solves crimes, prevents conspiracies, and helps foreign kings before finally winning his uncle’s acceptance and money. Race is thin, dark, “eagle-faced,” and has an air of good breeding.

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