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Quin, Sebastian. Sebastian Quin was created by Sydney Horler (Brett Carstairs, Bunny Chipstead, H. Emp, Brian Fordinghame, Rex Hartley, Martin HuishGerald Lissendale, Justin March, George Meatyard, Nighthawk, Tiger Standish, Baron Veseloffsky, Dr. Paul Vivanti) and appeared in at least two stories and two novels from 1925 to 1942, beginning with “The Clean Wineglass” (The Detective Magazine, Feb. 27, 1925); some of these stories were collected in The Screaming Skull (1930).

Sebastian Quin is an Occult Detective. He is a consulting detective whose cases usually touch on the outré. “An enthusiast of the bizarre...possessed of comfortable means, he devoted his life to the study of crime in its more exotic and weird manifestations. He was far more than a mere detective of crime: he was a dissector, an analyst, an anatomist of the mind of the criminal.” He has no powers and calls on no magicks; his occult knowledge is all that he needs to foil the efforts of black magicians. He knows Egyptian, French, and Tibetan magical practices, among others, and is friends with Martin Huish. Quin has a “thin, almost cadaverous face.”

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