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Quaite, Joel. Joel Quaite was created by Frederick C. Painton (Justin Blake, Captain Lancing Colt, Barney Dall, Gary Galt, Duffy Kildare, Squadron of the Dead, Jason Wyatt) and appeared in three stories and story serials in Argosy in 1940 and 1941, beginning with “The World That Drowned” (Argosy, May 4, 1940).

In the future, mankind has evolved: “by the year 2340, except for occasional monstrosities like myself, all human heads had become at least a foot in diameter, and human bodies had shrunk to the ‘efficiency level’ outlined by Dr. Amos Carveth.” Humanity has become a race of Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses. Sadly for Joel Quaite, he is a genetic throwback. He is 6'2" and 200 pounds, which makes him the biggest man in the New York City metropolis, but which also makes him a freak who his father sees as a cross to bear. (His father describes Quaite as having a “meager intelligence and freakish appearance”).

One day Quaite responds to a newspaper ad. The brilliant Professor Modesta needs men to travel back in time to solve the mysteries of history, such as why Atlantis disappeared. Only freaks like Quaite and the Texas stereotype Tex look enough like primitive humans to make the trip. Which they do, and adventures follow.

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