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Quainfan. Quainfan was created by John Martin Leahy and appeared in “Draconda” (Weird Tales, Nov. 1923-May/July 1924).

Quainfan is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a brilliant scientist who with his friends Farnerman and Morgan St. Cloud take Quainfan’s rocket, the Hornet, to Venus, which has an Earth-like atmosphere, including jungles with angry natives. Quainfan et al are rescued from the natives by the Ayesha-like Queen Draconda, who speaks English and is familiar to all of the humans. She eventually reveals that she has had a number of earlier lives, both on Earth and on other planets, and that she can remember them all. Quainfan and Draconda fall in love, and he helps her fight off a rebellion led by an evil high priest.

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