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Quade, Oliver. Quade was created by Frank Gruber (Otis Beagle, Johnny Fletcher, Simon Lash, Captain March, Jim Strong, Sam Vedder, John Vedders) and appeared in fifteen stories in Thrilling Detective and Black Mask from 1936 to 1940, beginning with “Brass Knuckles” (Thrilling Detective, Nov. 1936).

Oliver Quade is a smart and capable investigator. He is known as the "Human Encyclopedia" because in his youth he had applied his extraordinary mind to memorizing the entire Encyclopedia Americana and committed to memory every odd and interesting bit of information he had run across since then. In his own immodest but not undeserved words:

I have the greatest brain in the United States, probably the greatest in the world. I know the answers to all questions. Try me out, gentlemen. Ask any question at all--any! History, science, mathematics, general interest.

He is in his forties, tall, lean and handsome, and makes a living traveling around the U.S. selling books with titles like The Compendium of Human Knowledge. He is also a psychologist, and uses that to solve crimes. He is particularly knowledgeable about the law and is devoted to seeing that justice was done.

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