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Quade, Calamity. Calamity Quade was created by Richard B. Sale (Cobra (I)Daffy Dill, Candid Jones, Captain McGrail, Penny Packer, Daniel Webster) and appeared in eleven stories in Double Detective and Detective Fiction Weekly from 1938 to 1941, beginning with “Lillies for the Lady” (Double Detective, Mar. 1938).

Roony “Calamity” Quade is a hard-boiled private detective. He charges a large fee, and is good at solving crimes, but often that’s too late for his clients. In the words of his girlfriend Penelope, “Damn if I don’t believe the newspapers sometimes. Who toucheth Quade, toucheth Calamity. As a detective, you’re a fine jinx. You’re a hoodoo, a harbinger of horror, and verily, my dear, I sometimes wonder whether or not it is going to be a good thing to marry a walking opal ring.” Quade is assisted by Herman, “the monstrosity I won in raffle, the number two boy of Trouble, Inc.” Quade’s Lestrade is Inspector John Davis, a “rough and tough and gruff old bird.”

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