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Putilin, I.D. I.D. Putilin (1830-1893) was the enormously successful chief of detectives in St. Petersburg. He was fictionalized, first by “Roman Dobryï,” the pseudonym of the Russian author Roman Antropov, and appeared in Celebrity Pulps, two dime novel series, a novel, and two movies from 1908 to 1916, beginning with Geniy Russkogo Vyvka I.D. Putilin #1-18 (1908).

I.D. Putilin is a Great Detective. Putilin is the head of the Petrograd Criminal Investigation Division, and is known as the “Russian Sherlock Holmes.” Putilin has Holmes’ genius at disguise as well as the brutal abruptness of the early Holmes.

Putilin appears in stories with titles like “The Coffin with a False Bottom,” “The Ritual Murder of a Virgin,” “Eleven Headless Corpses,” and “Blood-Sucking Vampires of Petersburg.”

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