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Psyche, Mr. Mr. Psyche was created by Henry A. Hering (Burglars’ Club) and appeared in four stories from 1901 to 1930, beginning with “Psyche’s Experience Exchange” (Cassell’s Magazine, Mar. 1901).

Hering describes Mr. Psyche in this way:

There are many curious trades and occupations in England, and there are many merchants of great respectability; but no merchant is more eminent or carries on a stranger business than does Psyche of Archipelago Street, Soho. He sells liquid air, buys, sells, or exchanges ghosts of repute, stocks old and decayed brains with new ideas, and has many other out-of-the-way branches of trade. Psyche's firm, "Psyche & Co--Ghosts and Spectre Purveyors," is a consulting business. When, for example, a man has leant money to someone who then dies, Psyche & Co are retained to get in touch with the dead man's ghost (by whatever means possible) so as to help pay off the debt.

Psyche & Co are sizable and employ several mediums, although the compnay’s hold on the "occult market" is slipping, as their former monopoly is no more. Psyche & Co also use a "Telepather," a machine "invented by an adept in Thibet for establishing communication with the spirits of the departed." Psyche himself is a jovial businessman, curious about which methods will work best, but capable of severity if need be.

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