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Prosthetic Arm. The Prosthetic Arm was created by J. Stuart Blackton and appeared in the film The Thieving Hand (1908).

A nameless one-armed beggar notices that a wealthy man has dropped a valuable ring. The wealthy man is grateful enough to buy the beggar a clockwork prosthetic arm from a pawnshop. However, the prosthetic arm begins stealing things, pickpocketing passers-by quite against the beggar’s will and beyond the beggar’s control. The beggar sells the prosthetic arm, but the arm crawls out of the pawnshop the beggar sold it to, grabs more stolen material, and finds the beggar and attaches itself to him. The beggar is caught by the police and thrown in jail, at which point the arm leaves the beggar and reattaches itself to its proper owner, a one-armed criminal.

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