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Princess Radost. Princess Radost was created by the Russian author Pavel Nikolaevich Krasnov and appeared in Za chertopolokhom (1922).

Princess Radost is a Superhuman. 40 years after the Russian Revolution, maps of the world show Russia as a black, uninhabited blot, and the nation’s borders are closed by an impenetrable hedge of tall thistles. But a young Russian emigre in Potsdam falls in love with a ghostly visitor who leaves him notes, leading to his going “beyond the thistle” and discovering that Russia has become a kind of utopia. During the Bolshevik revolution the Romanov heir went to Tibet and gained superhuman psychic powers from Tibetan mystics. He returned to Russia, overthrew the Bolsheviks, and established a benign dictatorship based on the 19th century Tsarism and the Orthodox religion. Russia becomes a feudal, agricultural paradise whose only advanced technologies are radios, airplanes, and mechanical mind-readers.

Princess Radost is the virginal crown princess who lured the Russian emigre beyond the thistle to make Russia once again open up to the world, but Radost must never marry and rejects the emigre.

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