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Princess Iron Fan. Princess Iron Fan is one of the characters in the anonymously written novel Xi-yóu-jì, a.k.a. Journey to the West (circa 1590). In 1941 she appeared in the Chinese animated film Tie Shàn Gongzhu. Tie Shàn Gongzhu, later called Princess Iron Fan, is an adaptation of Journey to the West.

Sun Wùkong, the Monkey King, is traveling to the west with his companions to retrieve various sutras, but when the group reaches Fire Mountain they are unable to pass through it or around it because of its flames. They learn that the only way to quench the flames is through Princess Iron Fan’s magical fan. However, she is angry with her unfaithful husband and refuses to lend Sun Wùkong the fan, forcing Sun Wùkong to deceive her to get the fan.

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